We started Cottin with the dream of transforming the skincare industry. Each smile line tells a story of a life well-lived, pores are essential for living, scars are badass, birthmarks are a sign of your uniqueness, and wrinkles are earned. We love this industry and believe that products can genuinely transform skin. However, we also want to be a constant reminder that beauty goes so much deeper than what our eyes can see.



We have noticed a common trend in the beauty industry. Products are continually being made with so many promises and marketed to sell rather than to educate. We believe it's time to exit that cycle and enter a new era of educated science and fulfillment-based skincare. We are constantly improving our formulas based on customer feedback and new clinical findings.



 We use ingredients that have been extensively researched and are clinically proven.
We take all the necessary steps to be transparent. We have an ingredient library listing every ingredient and its purpose in the formula.
We strive for responsible and sustainable sourcing of each ingredient.
We believe that sustainability goes beyond ingredients, and packaging should be recyclable whenever possible.
Our formulas are backed by science, created by experts, and made for every shade.
We don't promise miracles. We deliver results. 
We are 
Cruelty-free and always will be
We avoid common irritants like fragrance, dyes, and other sensitizing ingredients that disservice our skin.




  • We are a clean beauty brand that addresses fear-mongering and the manipulation narrative taking a more educational stance to open dialogue of transparency.
  • We promise not to take any shortcuts and continue to grow and discover new ways to serve our community and planet best.
  • We believe in being apart of every aspect of our brand and continue to produce our products in the United States.
  • We believe that animals should be loved and promise to never test on animals.