Prepping for a facial

A facial can really make a difference on your skin! And it’s important to note that everyone's #skin is different. Learning to listen to our skin and nurture it with what it’s lacking is a key to getting that “amazing facial” result.

Cottin Beauty Remember to always listen to your skin and do some research. There are dozens of types of facials,  and you want to make sure you choose  one that benefits your skin most. Express what you are looking for,  and don’t be afraid to ask question

Normal skin types can be treated with a wide range of moisturizers, toners, and facial masks without any need to worry about adverse reactions.

Have oily skin? A deep cleansing or European facial with extractions can help remove oil and unclog pores, but a more intensive acne facial may be the way to go if you’re struggling with acne.

Combination skin has areas of both normal and oily skin types, so care must be taken in order to make sure neither skin type is aggravated. Consult with a skin care professional, or treat the individual areas or normal and oily skin as set out above.

For #anti-aging properties, you should look to oxygen facials as well as European facials, both of which leave the skin looking refreshed and healthy, and are thought to reduce or slow signs of aging. More intensive treatments to remove lines, wrinkles, or even minor scarring could include dermabrasion or microdermabrasion.

The best facial treatment is one  that is customized to your  personal skin type and concerns. Cottin Beauty Skincare

Prepping for a facial